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Kate Rose
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Oh, and my 10yo stepson opened a book I gave him and said, "Is this a joke?!" Nice. :(
My 3yo opened a huge gift this Christmas; he thought it was Star Wars Legos, but it was a rope swing. Which he's never seen before so he thought he got a rope. His little face just dropped, he looked crushed and said "Thank you..." like "You have ruined my day!" and then buried his head in my lap. He'll love it once it's hung from a tree. :)
Hilarious!! I bought the portable potty and would make my son use it in the back of my SUV, instead of using the gas station bathroom. Good times!
I love your blog! I have 2 sons (ages 3.5 and 9 months) and use cloth diapers; I identify with so many things in your posts. Love the crappy drawings, they are priceless. Good times, and thanks for the laughs. :)
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Nov 2, 2011