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SANDY!!!! Ditto! Bravo! Yay! In my struggles to develop services and programs and price them, it never made sense to me to charge "what the market will bear." We've seen the spectacular results of that principle in other industries. (And that makes me sad and mad, too.) I can't count the number of times that I've been advised to charge more or I wouldn't be taken seriously. Really? I have first-hand experience with missing out on work I wanted because I was passed over based on what I charged. Evidently, lower price equals lower value in many camps. Thank you standing for sanity and value, Sandy!
Hi, Sandy. Thanks for this video. It's what I've been thinking about all day today, a nagging little voice (well, kind voice, actually) saying over and over: "This is not sustainable....or maybe it will be but not by design." So thanks for reinforcing that "nagging" angel voice trying to help me get a grip on my business design and plan, before I launch into another round of activity.
Thanks for this balanced post, Chris. I won't be deactivating my Facebook account. Sticking around to watch while we build a new kind of social world both inside and outside Facebook is just too fascinating. I don't feel warm and fuzzy towards Mark Zuckerberg and his organization (arrogant) but I do think they can't be blamed for moving towards profit. They are in business. I hope for the sake of the people I teach and coach that Facebook will step up and do a better job of helping FB'ers deal with confusing privacy settings so that they can trust their Facebook social environment.
This past hour I've been trying to think through my planning system and here was your article to help me marry two systems I've used: 1. I use project planning sheets that come in a spiral bound format (which I'll organize using your suggested binder). 2. I have a desk calendar by Planner Pads. An open book shows a week across the two pages. There are three rows blocked across the two page week: weekly lists of Activities by Categories (sort of mini-project lists for the week), Daily Things to do and a section for Appointments. This visual layout works for me to do weekly planning. 3. I put appointments with notes into my Outlook calendar so that I get reminders when I'm working at my desk. This system works for me when I stay on top of the project planning.
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Dec 31, 2009