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I am tired of not buying annuals, but I see an end in site. I have decided to buy tons of ornamental cabbage to decorate my front bed. I am going to trick it out this fall.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2011 on Austerity Fatigue at Garden Rant
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This is a perfect example of how customer service is the new battle ground. Companies really need to provide more than service, they need to provide attention. Because of blogs, twitter, facebook, youtube, cinchcast, friendfeed (i could go on) LITTLE THINGS ARE BIG THINGS. This read like an e-smackdown! Lackadazical Cust. Service is unacceptable now. @kat_hassinger on twitter.
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I hear you.... But.... come on sunny knock out and I like the other Therese Bugnet comment - red sticks in winter are eye candy when it is cold out. I suggest rose bushes as #giftsforgardeners on twitter... as shower gifts, wedding gifts and rememberances. No other plant would fit the bill.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2010 on Roses: Phooey at Garden Rant
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Jan 28, 2010