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Katherine Kam
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Hi, Very inspired by your postings. There is quite a bit of maths there, which I hope you can help me. I am trying to drop 10-15lb (currently 140lb, 5'5", light active, 38). According to your RMR chart, 1355 but because of my activity level, I should multiply 1.375, right? So, my new RMR is 1863. My total calories per week is about13000. Let's say I want to lose 1 lb/week. My total calories per week should not excess 13000-3500 = 9500. So divide 9500/7, my daily calories become 1350. I am trying to apply Brad Pilon's theory of fasting 2 days a week. Here, I am very confused. Should my non fasting day calories be 1863 or 1355? Sorry to throw you this maths question. But, I guess, when you can successfully taken off these much weight. Your maths will be better than mine. Thanks, Kate.
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Sep 19, 2011