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Joanne, I continue to be blessed by your progress. I have to say, I almost feel "guilty" praying for you because it seems it blesses me just as much, if not more - LOL How amazing that you are "riding the bull" - WOW! Did that bring back memories! My youngest brother used to ride the "real deal" bulls (not mechanical ones) back in his younger days. I'm glad you are enjoying "El Toro" :) I will definitely be praying for your left arm, for strength and I will be praying AGAINST boredom, frustration & discouragement. In His love, Kathryn
Toben, Praying for you, Joanne, Emma, Audrey and the rest of your family today and every day. I pray for Him to give you rest and not just restful sleep at night, but a rest that you know has to come from Him because there is no way you could feel so rested otherwise. Other than that, I really don't even have words to say - just know we are praying faithfully and that we love you all even though we may not know you personally. Kathryn Champion
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2011 on Sick and Tired at Joanne Heim
hee hee - I'm just reading this because of your twitter post link today :) I will DEFINITELY have to share this with my daughter. Her birthday is Dec. 26 and while we ALWAYS had her birthday separate from Christmas and never gave her "combo" gifts, I never thought about the stress part of it as she is getting older. She will be 25 this year. Wonder if she'll want to change her birthday celebration to July 26? LOL
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Jul 19, 2010