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Kathryn Rickert
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This is the hymn that I am going to bring for "Tea and Singing" this afternoon. It's music (by Dorothy Sheets) along with these strong words go where I do not so easily go on my own. I don't pretend to fully grasp this text, but it has drawn my appreciate for many years.
I have started a blog, just this week, after much pondering such a thing. It isn't ready yet for others to see, but it soon will be. The name --"Finding God in Public" -- is, I think, what Greg is suggesting in his comments of today. And it's not that God does not show up at Church or with the Church is more that the reason we do find God in Church is because God is in all of these other aspects of our lives. Once I have enough for someone to read, I will post the link, (i.e. and that means once I can actually find my own blog!
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Mar 2, 2010