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Love it! Definitely easy to relate to :)
2 p.m. works for me! And I'm happy to help spread the word - we can talk about it during our chat today.
I agree - I think the delicious idea is great! I know our Xerox team could easily use that to track coverage together instead of having it fall on one person's shoulders.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2007 on A Social Media Campaign Breakdown at Disruption Blog
Congrats on a very successful event! I would like to hear more about how you approached the subject of sending group notices with Metaversed and Business Communications. Is it unusual for SL bloggers to be willing to send out invites on behalf of a vendor?
Toggle Commented May 24, 2007 on Cisco Second Life Event - Recap at Disruption Blog
Here's a BusinessWeek article from its SMB newsletter titled "Avoiding the MySpace Mistake" with basic tips for online social networking:
Toggle Commented May 22, 2007 on Corporate MySpace Profiles at Disruption Blog
Hi Erica, I'm planning on attending this and will send around notes afterward. -Katie,Seattle
I wouldn't pay! I don't have enough confidence that my computer would stream well and not crash. I agree with Mike - I would be more likely to pay to go listen to a new song or watch a new music video (as long as it was a lot cheaper).
Wow, that CRN article is pretty harsh. Interesting that it came out just two days before its sister publication announced that it would be venturing into SL. Maybe Larry and Shadow should debate the topic...
Thank you both! Very helpful! I'll have this Q&A posted on the wiki once we've got it finalized.