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Interesting article. Thank you for sharing. I agree that the 'dollar consumer' is making purchases bases on what I would call 'desperate' need, most likely foregoing another necessity that week infavor of that glove purchase. Regarding Back to School sales, I believe that this is a different consumer in many respects. Based upon last year's results (2010) the Tesley group found that while clothing sales seemed to 'lost' for the season because consumers, mainly the kids themselves, did not buy in anticipation of their return to school. However the retails sales figures for the following fall months from retailers ranging from JCP to Walmart to Abercrombie, revealed that in fact they did buy seasonal in trend clothing. The kids waited to make their purchases until they could see what others were wearing, and shop with their friends. And last year it was jeggins that sold en masse. It is also true that the kid consumers did not want to buy sweaters in sweltering heat, but a simple solution to that has been discusses for years-- the transitional wardrobe. A combo of the summer star styles with the cool versions of the fall/winter trends. Also, back to school sales are from the parents point of view based more on the necessities which mean they spend their discretionary dollars on schools supplies (check out the B2S section at Target-- it's huge and always packed), backpacks, and new shoes.
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Aug 15, 2011