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Kat Mannix
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oh, favorite christmas movie??? I love the original claymation rudolph the red nosed reindeer! thank you for the giveaway- i'll be crossing my fingers!
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2011 on Pillow pockets at one shabby chick
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wow! such great and creative fabrics. how lovely it would be to win! thanks for the chance!
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OMG. I love Heidi's stuff! would be absolutely thrilled to win!!
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Keep **ALL** your eggshells- just rinse and dry them, then crush them into teeny tiny little bits. I hate those nasties too and they certainly do a number on iris plants. Think caltrops. All those tiny sharp little eggshells are not something gross and bonelessly soft like to crawl over. Sprinkle all those bits over the plants you want to protect and that should help- PLUS it adds calcium to your yard. I hope you're composting too- the best wedding present we got when we got married in 2005 was a Mantis Tiller. I had never gardened in north carolina clay before (even digging one hole for a rosebush was almost too much for me with a shovel and it's incredibly difficult. I compost all the leaves and grass clippings- you can easily get compost bins and it's free lovely good dirt which is great for amending soil. mostly the only organic bits that get trashed are corn cobs and husks (too many rotting cobs turned up on the deck thanks to squirrels). Good luck! oh and this may be helpful:
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2011 on Me Against Them at Under the Tulip Tree
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Jun 14, 2011