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James Katt
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I see these prices: 1. iPad mini 16GB for $275. 2. iPad mini with Retina Display 32 GB at $350. These prices would CRUSH the competition.
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Rick Carlisle is a good coach, no doubt. But he has no championship. But Phil Jackson has 11 NBA Championships, three three-peat runs, four runs with at least two championships in a row. His Lakers teams have won 5 championships - one three-peat run and one back-to-back championship. If you want THE COACH to take a team over-the-top to win the championship, there is no coach better than Phil Jackson. He simply is the best coach EVER. If Rick Carlisle coached the Lakers, would he have been able to take the Lakers to a championship? NO WAY. The Lakers would have imploded. The egos and pressures in Los Angeles would have been too hard to mesh together for Rick to win. Rick is NO Pat Riley. He would have been like the numerous coaches who Magic Johnson, as a player, got fired. Rick is a perfect coach for Dallas. And if they win the championship - and I'm rooting for them - then God Bless Rick. If Rick Carlisle coached Michael Jordan and the Bulls, would the Bulls have won one NBA championship or even SIX??? NO WAY. They too would have imploded. Only a coach like Phil Jackson can mesh the ego of Michael Jordan and the rest of the Bulls into a championship team capable of winning multiple championships. Rick is NO Phil Jackson - he would be the first to say that. He is, no doubt, a good coach, one of the best in the NBA.
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Jun 9, 2011