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Kate Bessey
Interests: sewing, cooking, baking, music and the never ending quest to be creative. i learn something new about life everyday..... i live in tucson with my husband, son and 4 chickens.
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Come see my new blog: katydidinc ( Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2011 at Katydid Inc.
The education of my child has been by FAR the hardest part of parenting. Why didn't anyone tell us? Or were things just different when we were growing up? I don't know, but I'll tell you all of my friends are feeling the same way. It's crazy.
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Feb 1, 2011
What a wonderful giveaway!!! Thanks so much!
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2011 on Holey smokes it's giveaway day! at LollyChops
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Thanks for sharing this! I'm inspired. I too wish I had gone to art school but even at 42 years old I'm still too scared to branch out. I love to sew, bake, read and create, but only for myself and my family. It seems too scary to share it with the rest of the world at this point! Silly - I know. I wish you the best of luck and I think your work is beautiful. You a true talent and I hope you continue to follow your passion. Keep us posted on your experience with your mentor!!
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2011 on Thinking back/Thinking ahead. at Lettergirl
I have moved my blog over to . Please visit me there!!!! I'll be posting lots of new and super interesting stuff about our "urban farm" and new creations and life over there. Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
so far my son's elementary school experience has been challenging for me...not so much for him, but extremely so for me. nothing has challenged my feelings of inadequacy as a parent more than the school experience. sheesh...who would have thunk it? Anywho, this video is an interesting take on our current school system and it's future. I can't say I disagree with him....... Continue reading
Posted Oct 27, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
So every few months (give or take) I decide it's time to start blogging again, creating again, getting a life get the picture. So here is my attempt at it for the month of October. I am going to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
Image I lived in an apartment that was 325 square feet, which I shared with my beagle, and it was SMALL, but 182 square feet??? That's crazy! Continue reading
Posted Aug 24, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
Posted Aug 13, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
i'm only gonna post things i like from now on. Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
Swept Away....makes me smile and cry. Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
I finished my first (and NOT last) triathlon on Sunday. I couldn't have done it without Maryann. It was awesome and I learned so much and I can't wait to do my next one. If there's one word I could... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
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Mar 15, 2010
How could it not be a great day when this is my horoscope: You may feel elated and pleased with yourself today. Your future will probably look bright as you gaze upon the many possible paths that are open to... Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
I kind of like them, or at least I'm learning to embrace them? This is what I think: they make life so much richer and authentic. I should know, I've made enough of them in my life - and that's... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
Lovely, Lovely Song - Plus Ben Folds wrote a kick ass song about a girl named, Kate. I'm just sayin...... Continue reading
Posted Feb 8, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
I finished the bag I made for Kiera. It's really similar to the one I made for myself, only MUCH nicer. I really paid attention to the details and took my time with hers. And here's the Birthday Girl We... Continue reading
Posted Feb 8, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
can be found here, in case you were wondering.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 7, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
I made another overnight bag for a friend's birthday. I've taken pictures but I'm going to have to wait until I give it to her on Saturday to post pictures! I'm so excited, it's really cute!!! Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
I made this: from this: My super good girlfriend, Maggie from sweetwaterbaby sent me a link to this purse. I altered it a little to fit the material that I had, which was a placemat purchased on clearance for $2.78... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2010 at Katydid Inc.
I saw a bag similar to this in one of the French General books and thought to myself, I can make that. The picture is awful and the bag is actually much cuter in person. I used it this weekend... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2010 at Katydid Inc.