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Lisa Kauffmann
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Brazil has changed alot in the past 20 years since I first stepped foot there. Yes, the C class is growing and they are spending more than they make. easy money and easy credit...hope it doesnt burst. What I find amazing is that there is still rampant 'classism' in Brazil. I am going to read that blog you mentioned in your post. Classism is just a step away from racism, as most lower economic classes tend to be black or mulatto in some way. Tis is much more PC to complain about the 'poor' when actually people are complaining about blacks and mulattos. Xenophobia is illegal in Brazil and this snobbery of the 'upper' classes is just veiled racism.
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I use to have one of those for my kids. People in Brazil used to stop me to ask me where I got it(Canada of course)
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2010 on Baby Gear at Daily Life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sean belongs with his biological father.PONTO!
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2009 on Cautiously optimistic at Rio Gringa
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Dec 18, 2009