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Ka'Uhane Correa
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Sounds like the Japanese citizens have been taking your reports seriously ...well done Ben..
Ben, I have been following and sharing your work since your rockefellar interview and always look forward to your weekly news analysis. Being myself a falun gong practioner your post on this subject I'm sorry to say is way off course. I had to run this by a Chinese kung fu dragon master who has family members who are high officials in chinese government heres the reply "The Dalai Lama, Falun Gong, and the like are enemies of CCP and they have their reasons. All spiritual, martial arts, medicine, or business organization functions on natural hierarchy. The CCP is not inherently Chinese, but Western. So, the feudal thinking of the Illuminati is seen as satanic by those who are left out of their circle? The reality is that satanic is a Christian concept and does not even exist in the Buddha or Tao School. So how could those at the top of Falun Gong be satanic" The only connection to the khazarian satanist that I can come up with is that perhaps the US State dept. Is using the torture and murder of Falun Gong practitioners in China for their own agenda as they do with Tibet..are we to believe that Tibetan Tantrism is run by Satanist as well? I believe your work to be very important for the world to know, but I also see that you served up some CCP disinfo. I personally know falun gong practitioners who have fled china because of the persecution .
Aloha Ben, Your interview with Vinnie was loaded with great info ...As an Indigenous Hawaiian sovereign, I was wondering what WDS/Pentagon plans for our Islands US Military Bases were. I'm hoping something like suck them down a black hole along with that Big White HAARP Ball in Pearl Harbor.haha As a Kahunanui Shaman, I must say my ancestors got your back on this mission, as i request this of them in my chants...Your Granpa must be very Proud of your strong spirit. Godspeed Brother, Ka'Uhane
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Oct 28, 2011