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Interns do that too. I felt so bad that I had to post comments on all these artists sites as an intern. I want to be a real working musician. I agree to practice, and play is the way to go, but when it comes to having thousands of web sites, what's the difference between YouTube, and Billboard, really? Too many avenues just to acheive ONE Fan. I don't want to make it big, I just want to make it. When you work for a huge label, that's all they make you do, stuff you can do at home. For me 20 Loyal fans is all I need. I will have them forever, and not just one quick groupie who forgets my bnd name.
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They make like it's so bad if you don't have a band app. A manager is upposed to do all that techie stuff. Musicians do just that, play and write.
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Will Facebook die? Hope Not. Cant there just be a social network to build the best social network?
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2011 on The Next MySpace at hypebot
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Xray is a good one. TAXI is one of thoes $300 per year to only get your music a "better chance" of being listened to. What Xray does differently is there are various opps out there, that are free, or the $4 fee, which is nothing compared to $300. TAXI also has fees of $5 + whatever postage. With Xray, you get a lot of people in "focus groups" providing feedback, and some get paid. This money comes from the fee of submiting to opps. And you can do it all online, so there is virtually no extra costs. I've tried other services like Broadjam to make a few dollars: No one uses it. Xray is well promoted, anyone can use it and you can easily log in with Facebook.
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Mar 24, 2011