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Kayelle Allen
At the keyboard
Multi-published author of Science Fiction Romance and Erotica
Interests: scifi, science fiction romance, romance, erotic romance, writing, creative writing, writing skills, blogging, publishing, ebooks
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I will do that. I'm sure he won't mind one bit. ^_^
Patricia, thanks popping in. :) Hope to see you again. I think if I bring TH then Donna might let me come back. LOL
You are so fun to hang with. And discovering you're a Hiddlestoner is no surprise. We rock Pinterest together, don't we? We should do a community board about that amazing man. ^_^
Thank you for the overview of Nook. As an eBook author with multiple titles, I'm always excited by advances in ways for readers to access my work. The lending feature is a good way to discover new authors, but also denies those authors any royalties. The trade off is the possibility of readers falling in love with characters and series, and buying copies of other eBooks for themselves. Some publishers may disallow the lend feature, just as many disallow printing or read-aloud features on standard PDF files. Whether Nook's lend feature will increase overall sales remains to be seen. Authors of eBooks fight online piracy by teaming up to warn each other when titles are spotted on pirate download sites. No doubt, author fears and hopes will determine publisher decisions as well as public response and eBook sales. Thoughtful article, well written. Thank you for considering Nook's impact on the industry.