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Hank and Cindy's posts both broke my heart. While Cindy is correct, heart defects and a series of other physical and mental barriers generally go hand in hand with being blessed by a baby with DS, that does not make their lives any less valuable. (All 9 lbs 2 oz of our baby is recovering from the open-heart surgery he had at 4 months to repair his congenital heart defect, [a complete AV Canal defect]) and I can assure you, he is just as valued and loved as any baby ever has been.) And to quote her, "host of other serious physical and mental problems that will cause perpetual suffering and agony" ... um, what? Perpetual suffering and agony? No. I would like to challenge you, Cindy to find ONE person, child, adult, etc who is "suffering and in agony." You don't even seem to consider them... people. It's like they are less than, simply because of a genetic issue. And Hank. Oh Hank. "unlucky and are faced with a downs baby." Wow. That felt like a personal attack to all of us who do have children with DS in our lives. There is nothing unlucky about it. I feel BLESSED to have a DS baby in my life. Blessed. At 5 months old, this baby has already taught me more about life, and myself, and everyone else in the world than I have learned in almost 20 years... and I know he will continue to do so everyday of his life. My heart goes out to the both of you, Cindy and Hank... that you may in time be able to see the blessing that is a baby with DS. I can't imagine the kind of sad lives you two must have to be able to say such painful things about a situation that yes, comes with it's challenges, also comes with the greatest love and unsurpassable blessings one could ever imagine.
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Mar 31, 2011