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Ken Berger
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I agree w/ the study. But only because my name is Berger.
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you might it's beside the point, but... in what??
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oh sure, gloat all you want Mr. multi-tasker... walking+chewing gum overloads my cpu every time!
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2006 on order your tasks by location at Summation
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Resounding point here. Nomination for "best of" post.
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Auren, your idea is not new. There was a popular brand of cigs called "Black Death", later extended to vodka and other vices. The brand sold very well (for a while anyway) because of its cool factor and the fact that most everyone who smokes knows it's not healthy anyway. They had a marketing campaign saying more or less, "Please don't buy our product", people wore t-shirts that read "Don't smoke Black Death Cigarettes." Very popular in Los Angeles when I lived there in the early 90's.
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Reminds me of the meme as described in Pink Floyd's song "Have a Cigar": "The band is just fantastic that is really what I think, oh by the way, which one's Pink?" When you're hot many folks want to follow you, or get the chance to attach to you, without even caring about knowing you. "They call it riding the gravy train".
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2006 on tale of two VCs at Summation
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