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Joe Arpaio as the MCSO Sheriff is a case of the law of unintended consequences. Two factors saddled Maricopa Counnty with the"Jokester". The heinous murder at Wat Prankurom and the incompetence of his predecessor. He is just another, albeit, the worst of long line of sorry individuals in that office.
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I am uncertain what a lot of these comments have to do with the article. W & L was an instution in Phx. They did a tremendous amount of public service work. The humor was definitely "adult". They would have had an absolute ball with todays "chuckleheaded" politicians,etc. Cal I also remember the "Curve". We high-schoolers in the 50s loved it because they never checked IDs.
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Thanks Jon for a great reminesce. My memories began a long time before yours.We lived at 7th St. and Portland. We used to ride our bikes to Phoenix Country Club for a picnic and it was an all day affair. That was after the war when I was able to get a chain for my two year old bike. We had neighborhood ball teams. Rode the streetcar downtown and went to the movies. Fights among neighborhoods were done with fists and clods and words. No guns, knives, or bats. Yes was safer and simpler in those days. we need to thank "Uncle" Carl Hayden and Barry for bringing us the Central Arizona Project. Phoenix would be a diffrerent place today without the CAP. Those "good old days" really were good.
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As it has always been - "whiskeys for drinkin and waters for fighten." nothing changes but the faces.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2010 on Water and Arizona's future at Rogue Columnist
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Jul 20, 2010