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Kcanadian 55
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Feb 10, 2011
It is good to see you posting on your blog again. I listened to the song "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People and I really like it. I'm wondering what you have in store for your upcoming post. I will be looking forward to it. Take care.
Hello Noah! I'm glad that you listen to Indie Rock at such a young age and that I found your blog. I wish I started listening to Indie Rock at 13. My musical taste is very similar to yours. I also run my own blog based on Indie Rock. I update the blog every single day with lists of Artists, as well as post news on Artists. If you want to take a look, my blog URL is Have a nice day and take care.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2011 on January 11, 2011 in Music at Indie Rock Kid
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Jan 25, 2011