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Kyle Cherrick
Solar Power Developer; Cleantech Nut; Devoted Husband; Web 2.0 Passionate; Inconsistent Hiker; Forgiven Disciple.
Interests: travel, tennis, architecture, fast cars, eco-friendly cars, fast eco-friendly cars (see tesla motors). green building, solar, meta-brand green. photography, playoff anything, the usual things people say they are interested in but don't actually spend much time pursuing. i try to actually pursue those things.
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Mar 15, 2010
Ben, You are searching for the right balance of fitness and strength. So what does it mean to be fit? If you can do 100 pushups, how fast can you run a mile? My point is, you are searching for fitness. I think you should check out CrossFit, if you haven't already. Kevin has been CrossFitting for two years and is in the best shape of his life after HS and College Football and Lacrosse. I just started one month ago and I've never felt better. CrossFit is about not being a specialist in any one type of fitness. It is about being a generalist in fitness, such that on any given day, you could start playing a sport you are not particularly familiar with or good at, and you could excel because you are fit across the 10 areas physical fitness: strength, speed, agility, coordination, endurance, etc Check out Kevin's blog at Good luck in your search, and if you want to come down to the OC on a Saturday morning, you are welcome to check out the CrossFit gym that I go to.
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That's quite timely as I have been evaluating and setting some side project goals for myself in 2009. #1: Create/Help grow an organization to evangelize the Electric Vehicles to the mass market #2: Get in shape via CrossFit, 3 days a week
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Ben, Just read this post through a link from Study Hacks. I assume that's what led you to call me, from reading my post: Comfortable with Failure? For me, Getting to "I Can Do This!" also required a lot of small wins, which is what my post was about, that although I didn't necessarily win at everything that I tried, I had the confidence to give them all a go and am better for experience of each one. So, in my case, the "I Can Do This" was the belief in myself that I have the skills and the mental fortitude to become a solar power project developer in the utility-scale market, despite my lacking a few lines on the resume that would indicate my qualification for the position. Fortunately, I am proud to announce that as of today, I have an offer from a utility-scale solar project developer that is still in start-up mode and was recently funded by an industry private equity firm to join their small and growing team of developers. Ben I want to thank you for everything that you have put in to your blog and for the conversations we had encouraging me to start my own blog. The company that I interviewed with today stated that they really enjoyed reading my blog and seeing the thought processes and research that I had done. I believe it was a large contributor to me getting to this point. For that I say: Thanks Ben. We'll talk soon.
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