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Wow. I was just about to purchase three cross-country roundtrip tickets on United, but I think I'll look for another airline. These stories are consistent with one I heard this weekend. A friend was flying from LAX to Maui, and his United flight was cancelled because United didn't have a pilot to fly the plane. When he finally did board the plane, he was seated in coach behind a honeymooning couple who had purchased tickets in first class, but since they weren't on their original flight there was no room in first class. My friend asked the flight attendent if he could purchase them champagne, since he knew she was serving it to the first class passengers, and she refused, saying it was just for first class. Didn't matter that this sweet young couple had actually paid for first class. Same thing happened when he asked if he could pay for the nice first class meal for them. No more United.
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Aug 15, 2012