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How much would it cost to license all the content from NAM for commercial use? I suspect it would be very difficult. Seeing all the Sim coverage made me think back to my playing days, so I browsed around and started playing OpenTTP. Unfortunately I'm not smart enough to manage train routing without deadlocks yet.
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How long would you run the experiment and what would you be looking to find out? We know that there is existing demand on this route and it's the highest ridership corridor we have. We know that the existing bus service is inadequate. The primary obstacle to a fixed guideway is political - getting people to accept there has to be less room for cars. If we can convince them to accept that, why not go for the highest capacity and quality transit service we can offer? For that matter, why do you think that voters would accept reserved guideway for busses? I'm willing to believe that urban rail can succeed in other corridors. But I don't think it's worth doing half measures when we can get the better option.
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Do they do swipe on boarding and exit? I suppose on exit is probably too cumbersome for a system that mostly doesn't charge by distance, but I keep thinking how cool it would be to get real time feedback on route performance, most popular transfers etc without any extra effort.
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Feb 19, 2013