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This is directly copied and pasted from AFF's Facebook page: ""Pit bull" is not a breed or breed mix, but an ever expanding group that includes whatever an animal control officer, shelter worker, dog trainer, politician, dog owner, police officer or newspaper says it is." AFF is most definitely of the opinion that a Pit Bull is whatever someone calls a Pit Bull. No. You have totally misunderstood this. We are saying that the recent and common practice of calling all types of dogs, regardless of their true pedigree or genetics, a "pit bull" is exactly why "pit bull" is not a breed.
I can't believe some of these comments, assumptions and accusations. AFF and NCRC's mission and goal has always been to help dogs, especially those in the most dire need of help, that being dogs that are labeled "pit bulls." Our stance is clear: We should never assume we know more than we do, especially when it comes to breed. When we know a dog is an "American Pit bull Terrier," or an American Staffordshire Terrier" we have no problem calling it that. "Breed" by it's very definition means a closed and defined group. And the term "pit bull" today does NOT refer to a closed group - it is used to define all dogs that someone thinks is a "pit bull" - regardless of its genetics. If you bothered to look at NCRC's 2010 Investigative Report we clearly show how we label dogs: Was there any pedigree on the dog? Did the owner have papers or purchase the dog from a breeder? Does our expert advisor think the dog is a purebreed dog? Bottom line: If there is reliable evidence that a dog is a particular breed we have no problem calling it that, but we are not going to label a dog a "pit bull," or any breed for that matter- unless we know that to be a fact.
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Sep 16, 2011