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Christian Conservative Husband & Father of a lot of young 'uns
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The football/chess analogy is interesting; American football is a very violent full-contact sport that is quite often seen as "war," more than chess. American football is all about the conquest of territory -- a battlefield where your gain is the opponent's loss. So, American football is indeed an apt analogy, but a more direct "analogy" would be to call his actions part of a "war," or "jihad," if you will. Of course, chess has also been analogized to war quite often; after all, there are two armies out to destroy each other through various strategies that have taking the sovereign as the ultimate goal. The Imam uses pretty words to fool Liberals who are desperate to be fooled, and who are thus complicit in the attempted deception. Read closely, however, his words reveal him to be nothing more than a run of the mill jihadist.
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Aug 25, 2010