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Karin de la Penha
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Sigh...yes, this is all too true. And one of the reasons it persists is the tendency we women have to ingratiate ourselves to men. We're conditioned to not rock the boat. To let 'em have their way...I know: Old news. But, it exemplified by Bigelow, by you, Sarah, by me (mea culpa)...we keep succumbing to the prevailing powers-that-be (where cold hard cash is concerned...we don't have much option, we gotta eat!). All I can say in my defense is that I've reached the point where I rarely go to plays or movies in which the combination of cast and creator is preponderantly male. It's not even a protest vote. It's a cellular reaction: I've literally reached the point where watching an overly male cast simply doesn't appeal to me. (Yes, I saw The Hurt Locker. And I'm impressed by Bigelow's film-making prowess. But I resented the fact that the only woman in the film was, if memory serves, Renner's long-suffereing wife. I dunno--maybe there were a few more saintly females in the mix, too. Woohoo! Surely Bigelow could've included some female warriors. Jeesh--they're out there dying in these wars, too.) Listen--I don't have the answer. I know vehement feminism isn't very successful. And I certainly compromise, where that's the pragmatic choice. I've finally persuaded my fella that calling women over the age of 20 'girls' isn't OK--at least in my presence. And I certainly spoke up when the director of the show I'm currently in ('The Fly in the Fridge,' if you want to google it...and I'd love to see you there!) made a comment that, because our first sound/lighting designers were abysmally unprofessional, it was because they were female! But I'm an actor. We're constantly in the supplicant position (until we're producers, too). I'll roll over for anyone to get a job I want. It's all a very complex situation. But my first move to change it is to stop spending my hard-earned $$$s on male dominated productions...and to more consciously support female-heavy--or at least female-balanced works. I agree w/Joan...let's follow the example of the black community. After all--we've got us a black president, now. (Yes I know he's also white...but the fact is, the black community showed up as never before to launch him. It works.) Phew! Glad I got that off my chest. Thanks, Sarah.
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Mar 13, 2010