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I definitely agree with most of these home staging no-nos. I mean, seriously, a ribbon around the toilet?! I did learn something new, though. I had no idea that photographs of people were a bad idea. What if it's the work of a professional photographer? Is that still a bad idea? ( )
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Thanks for this post. Even though it's been so many years since you wrote it, I find it just as inspiring now as I did then. I've found that in times of tragedy, it is important for people to stick together. I love that this tragedy transcended different denominations and brought all kinds of Christian churches together. ( )
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I definitely do my best to avoid cliches, so I really appreciate this guide. I didn't just want to go to a fancy island and laze by the beach the whole time. We actually don't have the money to go to the Caribbean, but I think your tips here will still apply. While I am sure we will spend time at pools in Charlotte NC, I also think we'll spend time exploring the city itself.
I love how it sounds like your company is big on communication and helping all parties work together. Sometimes that can be the most frustrating thing about medical care. As a patient, sometimes you can get pulled into the middle. I think a lot of home care follows your model, though. I think more care agencies should. ( http://WWW.CAPITOL-HOMECARE.COM )
I love the idea of not cleaning obsessively. Using cleaners too much not only costs a lot of money, but it's a waste of time and energy. It's all right to let go a little bit and realize things don't have to be perfectly spotless. It will save your mental health by not making you have to stress about everything. And you will have more time to spend doing the important things, like playing with your kids. ( )
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I think I like the sound of physical therapy jobs duties more than those for physical therapy assistants. In your post an assistant sounds more like a personal secretary. Do they at least get to help the physical therapist when they are working with a patient? If they do, then I guess that could be a job I'd consider. For now, though, I think I will keep working on becoming a physical therapist. ( )
I think physical therapist jobs would be perfect for me. I've always wanted to work in the medical field, but I get a little squeamish when there are large amounts of blood. With physical therapy I feel like I am encouraging people to get better rather than dealing with crises. ( )
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Thanks for this suggestion. I've had a free love psychic reading online before and I really learned a lot. In fact, I am currently in a relationship, due in large part to what I learned. But part of me wonders if now we should have a reading on our relationship, just to make sure everything is fine. ( )
I really like the idea of a custom made video CD. What kind of videos would you suggest I put on there? It's for my mom. I love to find personalized custom gifts for my loved ones because I think it means more when you put that extra time into something. I've just been struggling with what to do for Mother's Day. ( )
I didn't know that California's homeschooling is mostly done through private schools. How does that work? Do the schools decide the curriculum and then it's up to the parents to teach it at home? Or are the students actually required to attend the private school. If it's the latter, then it doesn't really sound like homeschool to me. ( )
Thanks for the information. Especially about the difference between condensing and non-condensing gas furnaces. I prefer to buy things more efficient; I feel like they save me much more money in the long term than I have to spend up front. I know that's how it is for a lot of appliances. Is this true for these furnaces? ( )
Thanks for filling me in about this kind of auto repair company. I've heard about them before but really didn't know much about them. It seems like they offer a great service. It sounds so convenient. Also, thanks for the tips about how to find a good, reliable one. Now I can start looking for my own mobile auto repair Mesa mechanic. ( )
For some reason I always thought that Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments were usually done for commercial properties. Parts of this post made it sound like it can also be done for residential properties. When would that be necessary? Also, thanks for all the other information about how it's done. I didn't realize so many resources were involved. ( )
Thanks for this information! I never realized how important it is to make sure everything is clean when I am moving out. Also, I didn't know that I could hire a maid service to help me do that work. I'm moving out next month, and I don't think I'll have a lot of time to do the cleaning all by myself. So, it's good to know I have companies I can count on. ( )
Ha, I always love the e*Trade talking baby ads. I had never really noticed the bank ads before, and I didn't really notice them missing this year until you pointed it out in this post. I guess it's because they aren't particularly funny, nor are they stupendously terrible. The cash for gold ad didn't stick out to me either, but maybe next year they'll have me laughing. ( )
Funny how people only interpret the law as it applies to their benefit. I wish that the Black Lantern has stood up to Jib Jab a little bit longer. I would have loved to have the have to acknowledge their double standard. I see stuff like this all the time in employment situations. I guess that's why we have Utah employment law and stuff like that. ( )
If my grill didn't come with a thermometer built in, is it possible to install one myself? I was thinking they might sell them as tailgate grill accessories. Do you know where I could find one? I think it will help me cook the steaks and burgers more evenly. ( )
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Can I just say, that that was hilarious! And it made me really excited for my best friend's bachelorette party. She finally decided she wanted to have one of the best Las Vegas bachelorette parties the strip has ever seen! I've been helping her organize and plan it, and it's going to be so epic! ( )
Thanks for this post. I know that it's pretty hard to get scratches out of the glass, so I'll have to try your two suggestions. Do you know how easy it is to find metal polish or scratch removal liquids? Then, I guess if it doesn't work, I'll find an awesome iPhone repair shop. They can probably just replace the screen for me, right? ( )
Thanks for the information. I've been trying to figure out exactly what a boot knife was. I was a little too worried that I was thinking too simply when I thought it might be a knife that gets carried or tucked into a boot. But, I guess I was right; that's always pretty exciting! And, I did learn that it's a fixed blade knife, which I had no clue about before. ( )
How did your fundraiser end up going? Did you raise enough to get the new daycare playground equipment? I really hope so. Being able to play and be active is really important for growing bodies and minds. I wish I had come across your blog sooner so I could have stopped by the fundraiser and helped out. ( )
You make a really good point about how a lot of people often purchase big investments used, like homes and cars. I'd never thought of it that way. But it makes sense. Buying used saves a lot of money, often without any sacrifice in quality. I think it's the same for used gym equipment ( ).
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I am kind of confused by your second myth. When I went to court, my ticket was automatically dismissed because the officer didn't show up. The reason was that he was the one who had to verify my driving history. Is this different in different states? My Utah personal injury lawyer wasn't available at the moment to answer my question. ( )
I've been thinking about pursuing something in the medical field. The more I learn about physical therapy, the more it sounds like the right fit for me. I've also heard that I might really like doing occupational therapy assistant jobs because it's pretty similar, it just has less schooling. Is that true? How similar are they? ( )
These classes sound really informative. I am personally a fan of BIM. I think it makes structural steel fabrication much easier and more effective. It takes time to learn it, but it can be done. I also really like the movement towards looking for ways to further tie together design and fabrication. I mean, they are two parts of the same process, when you look at it as a whole. ( )