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Bruce Nourish wrote: The West Seattle-Ballard corridor is one of the few places in Seattle that just needs full grade separation, at least as far as Interbay and Delridge. Yep. And as I recall, over a decade ago there was an agency that was looking at exactly that route. Elevated... from West Seattle to Ballard. Whooshing over cars. In fact I might've even interned for those guys, come to think of it. Set up and took down the meetings. Got into late-night AIM arguments with Dick Falkenbury. But that didn't pan out, didn't it. You'd almost think Seattle was incredibly effing mypopic about transit improvements, or something. I mean, what if, in some alternate reality, the lower deck on the Ship Canal bridge had been designed for heavy rail? What if the Feds had offered to mostly-fund a system like BART or MARTA in the 70's? What if the CPSRTA had held a bunch of votes on a longer LRT system than what eventually got accepted as SoundTransit? Oh wait, all of that actually happened. Right. My bad. Good luck, I suppose.
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Nov 29, 2012