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Jacqueline Minarick
Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Interests: Spreading Michael's message of love and hope by sending Michael items to the deprived of the world and continuing Michael's shining legacy, Volunteering, Educating people about the need to conserve resources and respect the earth and all it's inhabitants.
Recent Activity
Dear Tina, I believe in your words completely, and I believe in Michael completely and that is why I have been sending Michael's message in his beautiful items to the deprived of the world for over one year now. Michael has reached many countries, but I am far from done. I will spend the rest of my life spreading Michael's message and educating the ignorant of Michael's truth. I talk about Michael to everyone, every day, and I play Michael's music, and I tell people to really listen to the words, because Michael's message is right there, in his lyrics. There is so much more to say, but you know, we all have a job to do for God, and Michael, and I know that my remaining time on earth will be devoted to spreading Michael's legacy and living Michael's legacy, to honor Michael in the highest manner possible because Michael deserves the respect of the world. Thank you. Dear Eden, We met on in the spring of 2010. My username on the site is Girl_Is_So_Dangerous. Why did I come to this site today? I'm not sure, exactly, it's a mystery unfolding, as Michael would say. Just now I looked in my favorites list and I saw this title, so here I am, and then I saw that you commented here. This is a Michael-incidence, I'm sure. Love to you both, Tina and Eden Jacqueline
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Mar 14, 2010