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Oct 31, 2010
Mary Mahoney asked me to post her name
Two of my favorite essays: the story of the life of Marla Ruzicka who died too young at age 28, and a discussion of Role Players, the heart of any great team. ________________________________________________________________________ Great Teams are based on Role Players: Egos are kept in check & Everyone feels Special. Why were my favorite bands, the Beatles and Booker T and the MG’s (henceforth: BTMGs) so good? (Note: Booker T and the MG’s was the house band for Stax Records in Memphis, backing up numerous soul acts including Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, and Wilson Pickett. They were the consensus “house band” for the opening ceremonies at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.) How did these bands manage to endure? What can we learn from their examples? Perhaps we can learn a lot. Maybe we can learn why some groups achieve far more than the combined achievements of their members. Possibly, there are lessons about how to build teams. These bands followed the formula of the great sports teams. Like the great sports teams, the Bill Russell Celtics, the Lombardi Packers, the John Wooden UCLA Bruins, share this common thread: they are built on role players. Everyone on the team plays a special albeit limited role. Each player performs a role. As a group of role players, each team member can feel special. Egos are kept in check. I am very proud to be a role player on this team. As a parent, I hope that my work on this festival can help teach my son, by example, of how much can be accomplished by a team of role players. Lee Tilson Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2010 at ReThinking Patient Safety
Thanks so much I want to make sure that the nurses know how much we support them. They have been twisting in the wind for nearly a year. Can you help me collect some names here: Thanks
We Are Proud To Stand With Anne Mitchell And Vicki Galle You can add your name by entering it into the "Comment" field below During this comedy of errors, Anne Mitchell and Vicki Galle have made us proud. When faced with difficult choices, they chose to do the right thing. They were aware that if discovered, they could lose their jobs. They still chose the morally correct course of action. That choice exacted a toll. They lost their jobs, and were prosecuted by bullies hiding behind badges. Ms. Mitchell and Galle sacrificed their careers and suffered criminal prosecution. They... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2010 at ReThinking Patient Safety
Break the Silence. Express your view here. What do you think of the prosecution of the Texas Nurse Whistleblowers? What will you do? What do you think we should do? For background information see Related: The Sound of Silence Texas Nurses Prosecuted for Reporting Doctor to State Medical Board Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2010 at ReThinking Patient Safety
Related: Texas Nurses Prosecuted for Reporting Doctor to State Medical Board We can explain the prosecution of the Texas whistleblower nurses (Anne Mitchell and Vicki Galle) in Kermit, Texas, on local politics. Explaining the silence of the national healthcare organizations (other than the ANA) is more difficult? Where are JCAHO, the AMA, and the AHA? Where are the dozens and hundreds of other organizations? Their silence eloquently warns everyone who stands up for patient safety: You may be right, you may be doing exactly what we say you should do, but you are alone. If you go to jail, count... Continue reading
Posted Feb 8, 2010 at ReThinking Patient Safety
Troubling Silence of most National Medical Organizations Related: The Sound of Silence The prosecution of two Texas nurses for reporting a physician to the Texas Board of Medicine is disturbing. After six months of legal processing, the charges against one nurse, Vicki Galle, were dropped last week. Jury selection is set to begin Monday, February 8, 2010. While the prosecution of nurses for reporting unsafe care is unusual, the failure of most of the major national healthcare organizations to support the nurses is alarming. Where is JCAHO? Where is the AMA? Where is the AHA? Where are all the patient... Continue reading
Posted Feb 8, 2010 at ReThinking Patient Safety
Copyright 2009 Lee Tilson In an effort to contribute to the discussion of health care reform, I have been working to compile information about the Congressional hearings held by Congress. Please note: This is a work in progress. It will be supplemented. This is only a partial listing. Please let me know of any corrections or additions that need to be made. Arguments are being made that the effort to enact health care reform are partisan. I am compiling dates of hearings on health care reform since the Committee on the Costs of Medical Care issued its 28th and... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2009 at ReThinking Patient Safety