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Posted by: TheHerb | January 20, 2020 at 02:16 PM Herb - Coming from winning programs means those kids are used to winning. They’re also used to beating up lesser teams and in HS that typically means lesser athletes. The athleticism gap can be tremendous in HS. Easily out-talenting other teams means U don’t need superior technique or work ethic. Sometimes being a 4 star guy on a winning team equals believing less in hard work and effort and more in one’s innate ability. We’ve had way too much experience these past 15 years with guys used to winning but with no idea of what it takes to win at the next level and no stomach for the effort. Fingers crossed this too will change. The worm has to turn eventually, right???
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VA - Sorry to hear about your friend. Tough. 62 is too soon. Hang in there. Al - thanks for the kind words.
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Posted by: Go Canes!! | January 20, 2020 at 06:45 PM Whoa nelly! Slow down big fella. That’s a lotta superlatives in a short sentence even for U. “Remarkable” last 20 days? LOL. It’s certainly been better than expected. But then again, expectations been pretty darn low around here lately. I’m personally impressed when he gets thru an entire presser without inserting foot into mouth. Just messin w/U GO. Love your enthusiasm
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Thanks Tony
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In my very humble opinion, the “old Cane culture” of hard work, competition for every spot/every snap, crush your opponent, then celebrate when you’ve accomplished something got lost many many moons ago. It swag first as if swag creates victory instead of the opposite. Once this happened, the 4-5 star guys coming in, not all but most, either created or entered an environment of entitlement. They ASSUMED that being a star and playing at THE U = NFL and loads of $$$. The 3 star guys could never assume anything. All they have is hard work. Hence those guys outworked the others and became our best players. Ranking is so speculative with 16-22 year olds anyway that several probably became 4 star guys but were never recognized. BUT, most out worked the higher ranked players to become great. Character - heart and work ethic - separates most great athletes from merely above average.
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Tony - Didn’t Gilbert get injured? I seem to recall he looked pretty good but got hurt and next thing U know, Case McCoy was running the show. Do I have that timeline right? I also thought Mac gave preference to Case either because of what Colt accomplished or because he hoped to get lightning in a bottle twice. I’ll go on record as saying that while Turf Face certainly earned his name his last 2 seasons here, I believe that most of what derailed Kyle’s career wasn’t his fault. He got sacked about a hundred times his first year starting and had how many OC’s, 4 or 5? The program was devolving into a sh-t show, both coaching and talent not performing and he wasn’t the leader needed to get at least the players in line.
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Posted by: 86Cane | January 19, 2020 at 08:43 PM Green Bay’s been barely getting by & praying for a miracle for most of the season. Take away their HOF QB and they’re an 8-8 team. Look at their roster on the O side... ain’t much there. I say look at 2 things across both conf champ games... 1. Trenches. Who had the best Big Uglies?? 2. Defense. Specifically open field tackling. KC & SF Lines on both sides of the ball were far better. SF defenders are some of the best open field 1v1 tacklers, probably the best, in the league. How many times have you seen a defender bounce off a runner or try to strip the ball instead of tackle? SF aggressively tackles which limits yards after catch and blows up attempts to get the ball to the outside of their D. Should be a good game.
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Windy, Al: agree on Manny’s comments re current players and incoming class. Reeks of desperation... “the new kids’ll save both my ass and this program”... lol. Get the culture and attitudes right or else you’ll lose those kids as they absorb the loser mentality OR get out because they want something/someplace better!
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Lashlee is a step in the right direction. I wanted Enos to work out, but what a disaster. Must admit, CGNC (and others) knew the truth of him far earlier than I. Word of warning... there’s SO much more going on than simply the type offense, it’s going to take a couple of years to right the ship IF Manny is the right guy for the job. That he is taking action now is a good sign, but if U think he’s learned every lesson he needs to learn in just ONE season as a HC, U r mistaken. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all and all the years of FAN SUFFERING don’t mean squat when it comes to CMD’s progression into a decent head coach (or lack thereof, we’ll see). My take on LSU... glad they won, kind of - ending Clemsons won streak yada yada. BUT look at the coaches and programs in the SEC West... the head winds making the SEC attractive to recruits (talent) are just getting stronger and the “best of the rest” are 17 points behind. There’s no reason UM shouldn’t be an ACC contender every year. Making the leap from also-ran conference contender to legit NC title contender is probably more difficult than it’s ever been. Ask OU... I think LSU now is what Miami could have been IF we’d taken big risk and made a radical hire after Coker. I was a huge Randy Shannon fan & supporter (till I wasn’t), but hindsight being 20/20, that was our perfect moment to make a break with the past (adapt leading edge offense) while still being able to attract serious talent. Also the timing was before the domination of the SEC got so overwhelming to making recruiting against them as a conference close to impossible. Likewise, if Coker had made a hire/change like Oregon did he might have kept his job. That was an inflection point when return to national relevance was very possible.
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And have been a cup cake for longer than today’s players have been “foosball-conscious”...
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Went from hoops, only 1 yr college football, to a 9-year career in The League. He’s on the downside now, but spent several years as a top3-4 TE. Jimmy done good for himself. And agree... Troy & Joe on a different level than all other broadcasters.
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Solar - take a look at what Navy did this year...
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Happy New Year Legion! Hard to believe 2020 is here already. I never would’ve believed back in 05 that we’d STILL be waiting for our next ring come 2020. Truly hope 2019 is rock bottom. It can’t get any worse can it?!? Love Zo. One of my favorites from the good ole days. No point in him coming though if he doesn’t get the authority to do what needs to be done. AD: Bring in Zo and save your j-o-b. Run out the same old bs next season and it’ll your head in the guillotine
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OSU fans can cry me a river. It WAS a blown call.... that they got RIGHT upon review!! The nutheads dominated the first 25 minutes and had the ball inside the 15 three times and got 3 field goals. Then they had plenty of chances at the end. OSU OL and DL beat Clemsons basically all game. The difference in that game??.... one QB put his team on his back and pretty much WILLED his team to victory. The other played really well but didn’t make the necessary plays when it counted. U can’t find one talking head outside of Columbus today that will defend terry fooking porters flag. Not one.
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I hear U Solar. I’m afraid folks are in for another disappointment. I don’t know much but I know there’s no way Enos installs an entire new offense with a radically different style in the 3 extra weeks of practice between season and bowl. Hell, I’ll be happy if we can figure out the snap count and how offsides works. 86 - Thanks for keeping Da ‘Space going for another year! Think about how many Canes coaches have come and gone, while here U remain. Who’d have thunk it back back in the Omar blog days?!? Happy Holidays to All! Special shout outs to those old Skool Legionaries still going strong... CGNC, looking at U here! Here’s a toast to a better year in The 2-0-2-0!! Saaluuute
Happy Holidays Solar! Lot of good sports out there. Just watch & enjoy the competition and athleticism. It beats being a miserable Hurricanes fan and unable to enjoy great games or performances just because U r always comparing to how pathetic the u program is right now. It’s just a game in the big picture. Family Friends Love & Life. Most of us were Canes fans before they ever won anything. Were they more deserving back in the 70’s? Peace.... remember?
Solar vs. 86.... Least satisfying blob “war” ever?...
Either love em or dont VA. There’s not much hate out there... hard to hate a team that never wins. That’s the State of The U. I miss the Hate. College football changed drastically, the money power side especially. don’t see too many smaller or private schools consistently top 10-15 any more. Not even ND or USC. Once in a while a TCU or Baylor type will have a great season and generate some buzz but it’s not proved sustainable over 4-5 years yet. My heart says Miami could break that trend and get back to top 10 every year. My head says it ain’t happening until there’s there’s the next seismic shift in college sports. The bad news?.... If Manny ain’t The Man (and the odds don’t look so great right now), it’ll be 2022-2024 timeframe before we know IF the next guy is The Man. By then even Frank Fore will be retired.
Posted by: VA Cane | December 18, 2019 at 07:23 PM The sad truth is that there’s literally no one outside of SFL, except a few old timers most of whom hang out on this blog, that even think Miami when talking football. It’s surprising there’s still the level of emotion here that there is. “Miami football” died a long time ago. Kids don’t see “The U” when they watch The League on Sunday’s and IF they see us on Saturdays, we’re probably getting beat by the likes of GA Tech. All the so called advantages us fans believe The U has over other schools have proved non-existent. We have been irrelevant for almost as long as our championship run. Get used to the new normal. The U was bad for a lot longer in its football history than it was good. A lot of bloggers remember those days, with some twisted sort of fondness mostly. Well, thru it’s history that is more normal for The U than playing for championships every other year. We had to “break the mold” in 79-80 to be able to start The Run in 83. We need a coach that can take 3 stars and beat other guys’ 4 stars. And us fans need to realize it’ll take 3+ years to really see the payoff. We’ve gone from revolutionary to run of the mill. We need to find a new Schnelly that can stand college football on its head and re-energize this program.
U all remember how cool it was to watch NFL games about a decade ago when every single roster included a bunch of Canes?? Barely can find a single Cane per game now. And The Suk continues...
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Had Miami gone out of house and hired say Mike Leach or anyone that was spread and offensive minded, Miami could’ve had a true talent in Harris, maybe signed Teddy Bridgewater, and had the inkling to bring in Lamar Jackson. Posted by: solarcane | December 13, 2019 at 08:26 PM Gee, where have I heard that before?!?...
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2019 on You Have Nothing To Fear But Yourself? at Canespace Posted by: solarcane | December 13, 2019 at 03:18 PM Thank you Solar. Thank you SO much
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there's nothing college football fans love more than seeing once-powerful programs losing to Group of Five teams in Shreveport, Louisiana. Agree except that assumes any college football fans will bother paying attention or watching, which is a major assumption....
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I can’t imagine any fan base or media anywhere setting the bar for their new HC at “can you beat Miami?” Unless of course you mean a MAC school & Miami of Ohio.
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Could only watch Q1 of tonight’s game. Did catch the makeup of Oregon’s OL... all seniors except 1 sophomore who was like the top rated OL coming out. Young guys should only be starting on a power 5 OL if they are surrounded by more experienced teammates and happen to be a true total stud. Otherwise they need time to get strong and to learn. If your lines ain’t right, U ain’t right!
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