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"Kalel Venkman: Scalability of the GTeam Mentor group. [9:46] Kalel Venkman: If the goal is self-governance, it needs to be expandable beyond just us." It sounds like they want to set the JLU up as a state within a state like the KGB in the old Soviet Union, the Knights Templar or the Zetas of the Gulf Cartel in Mexico. It's a kind of Twilight of the Nerds or APackofDorks Now. Way hilarious.
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I didn't come here expecting to read a rightwing screed by a model. She needs to know that the U.S. government is NOT a business. It is a representative democracy. If it were a business, our government would be something akin to News Corp, which is more or less a dictatorship, or an oligarchy reminiscent of the boards of directors of major corporations. Moreover, when Jimmy Carter left office in 1980, the national debt was just under $1 trillion. The Democrats passed Reagan's tax proposals and what we would get thereafter is $10 trillion of deficits during three GOP presidencies. David Stockman, Reagan's budget director and one of this supply side economic architects, quit in both disgrace and frustration over the way the policies he helped create were implemented. As for government not making any money on its programs, Social Security has kept tens of millions off the relief rolls and Medicare has helped extend their lives while keeping them out of bankruptcy court. And the government made money on the Iraq War and the Chrysler and Mexican bailouts. If you are concerned with the government making profits, you had better be ready to axe the Pentagon, which is the single biggest recipient of taxpayer dollars and whose notorious inefficiency, stupid procurement practices and inhumane handling of the very troops it is charged with guiding and defending have made it the model of a dollar gobbling state within a state. Yet, there have been no calls for a stem to stern re-examination of the Pentagon's management and spending by either Democrats or Republicans. Law enforcement doesn't make money, either (well, except for the obscenity and threat to property rights that is asset forfeiture in the name of our completely loony war on drugs). You want to start shutting down police stations? Or the FBI? How about the CIA? Their budget isn't even allowed to be disclosed to the public! I don't think so. I will give you that Obama seems to be doing everything he can to lose his progressive base. I caucused for him but I am livid at the way he handled health care (i.e, insurance company bailout) legislation, chickened out on ending the unproductive injunction against gays serving the armed forces, promptly closing Guantanamo and terminating the massive surveillance of the communications of regular Americans. He has also failed to really get tough with the banks or ban derivatives or mortgage securitization, both of which have either been behind major municipal bankruptcies (such as the ones in Orange County, CA and in Montgomery County, Alabama) or the drying up of loans to small businesses and consumers that has resulted in the stagnation of our economy. The U.S. is becoming a kleptocracy and not only has Obama been complicit in that thus far, but the Republicans see the sabotage of the American economic system as a positive good. They are as bad in their own way as the Chinese Communists were during programs such as the 100 Flowers Movement, that a pie in the sky ideology will cure all if you just want it bad enough and the calling out of the failures or inconsistencies inherent in that ideology are severely punished by the party propagandists. Unfortunately, the conservatives aren't into pragmatism and so you get, with the collaboration of a media that is obsessed with perpetuating eyeball drawing cretinous food fights, a political conversation that resembles a verbal spat between eight year olds during an elementary school recess. And the inanity of that makes one despair of any possibility of rectifying our woes as a country.
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Speaking of avatar rendering, virtual goods for avis is becoming big business this Christmas, especially in Second Life.
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At bottom, SL is essentially blaming its users for its own problems. The resizers are just the SL business community answering a need by their customers for products that are plug and play. I personally have stopped buying outfits with dresses that I know I will need to edit myself because I can never get them to look right. And I want to spend all my time in SL meeting people and playing than editing my clothes. In addition, looking at SL's purported user numbers should be a huge warning signal that they are not getting the job done infrastructurally because newbies run into the increasing lag, the crashes, the teleport breakdowns tyhat strand them, scads of empty sims, bogus search traffic numbers and griefers and just say the heck with it. If SL was doing things right their daily user numbers, as long as they have been around, should be ten times or more than what they are at present. Yet, they just cannot seem to get the hint. It's about customer retention, Kingdon, look into it. We live in a give me convenience or give me death culture, as Jello Biafra once put it. And SL just is not very convenient or intuitive. Therefore, what SL needs to do is retool its entire machinery rather than continue to resort to an endless series of patchwork maneuvers with little big picture cohesion to them. I recently spent in excess of L$15,000 for clothes and other items in world. If the viability to use those things is sabotaged by heavy handed and delusional actions by SL's management, you will see not only me being pissed to high heaven, but more users, creators, merchants and everyday regular folks deleting SL from their lives. SL is a sitting duck. It had better get its act together or it will be picked off eventually. The last action of a failing concern is usually to try to point the finger at the public for its failures as it heads into bankruptcy court while more visionary and managerially able firms start to dominate the marketplace. And so it goes at present with Linden Labs.
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