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Thank You for sharing this. I don't have cable so I didn't know Anderson Cooper reported on this. What a great job his team did.
It is to be noted that it also stated in the book that one of the 2 mentioned shelters up north DID NOT adopt out any pit bulls. I think it was north shore, but I'd have to look in the book to be sure. The shelter has 100+ kennels & they can't use even one for a pit bull looking dog? By doing this they are continuing the hate, fear & myth of the breeds.
Did you see the opening of the People's Choice Awards? If you didn't you should watch it. I would say it would go under positive Pit Bull press for the week.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2013 on Weekly Roundup -- Week Ending 1/13/13 at KC DOG BLOG
Thank You so much for this update! I was soooo sad last night. I'm glad the shelter seems to be fighting for the dogs.
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2012 on Update on the situation in Sikeston at KC DOG BLOG
This just makes me bawl!!! What can I do,but not move into a town/city!! You never know when they might decide your dog looks wrong!
Over a year ago I was taking agility classes with my dog. One day after class the instructor was talking to me & my husband & petting my dog. She suddenly said Lennon reminds me of the dog my sister had. I of course asked what happened to her sisters dog. She proceeded to tell me her sister was sent to Iraq & her mother took on the dog. The dog was put into a house with what this trainer called "house border collies". 5 of them. Needless to say her sister's pit-mix that had never lived with other dogs was not given a room of her own but was thrown in with these 5 "house" border collies. They euthanized her sisters dog after it got into 2 fights with her mother's dogs. I know this really has nothing to do with military bases, but I was really hurt by this story. I do not take classes at that facility anymore. It is very hard to find good non-biased trainers. This story would have upset me no matter what the breed. I just can't imagine euthanizing a military person's dog while they are in Iraq.
I get all of my best advice for living from celebs, pageant contestants & of course the Onion;)
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2012 on Considering the source at KC DOG BLOG
The Brayton Cason story sound really weird. I'm confused as to why they think it was a dog. It says his bruised body was found in the front yard. It doesn't mention bite wounds at all. It has other errors also. He could have been hit by a car with the story they give. The story is also of in the Debra Renee Wilson-Roberts story. I watched the video & the dog that is still alive looks very placid. Makes you wonder what the owner were doing to the dogs. And the last story every dog that kills must be a pit bull.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2012 on Dog Bite Related Fatalities updates at KC DOG BLOG
Started reading it a couple of days ago & so far it is just as good as his last book. Wallace is a truly incredible dog & Roo & Clara are saints!
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2012 on Weekend reading material at KC DOG BLOG
The Rebecca Carey story rubs me wrong on so many levels. Her friend said she looked like she hit her head & fell down & why would her parents ok the immediate destruction of the dogs she loved so much without all the fact. Sounds like she was very devoted to her dogs.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2012 on Two dog bite fatalities week of 8/13 at KC DOG BLOG
This is a very tragic story, however who leaves a 16 month old outside alone?(with or without the dog) I know the child was attacked by the dog, I'm wondering if she possibly could have also been shot by the neighbor.
I agree with you & your quote. I have worked with a rescue in the past that went so far as to state what kind of foods you could feed & what types of collars/harnesses you could or could not use. It's a great rescue, but they are going to far & will alienate good potential homes.
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May 9, 2012