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Hi, I use RDF and SPARQL a lot, but I don't believe Linked Data starts with a 'set of technologies' (and I doubt other people keen on the idea of Linked Data do either). It's also a bit more specific than simply the idea of openly accessible data. At core, Linked Data is about the idea of a distributed system for publishing data in such a way that it connects up with other data that uses the same concepts, and can easily be merged and queried. It's about the idea that data becomes more useful the more it is connected with other data. RDF, using HTTP based URIs, seems to be the data representation most optimised for these use cases, which is why everyone else (so far as I've seen) describing their data as Linked Data, uses RDF. Would you consider writing these stylesheets to make your data *also* available as RDF, so it can be linked to by other data (and hopefully it also does or will link to other concepts)?
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Nov 21, 2009