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How about taxing the people that don't pay taxes? Wouldn't that be the fair thing to do?
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Joe Walsh!
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I agree with most of this platform. However, I do not agree with having to have a permit to exercise an unalienable Right that is specifically noted that the government SHALL NOT infringe upon.
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Can you tell us anything about what the constituent's reactions were to Obama's speech/proposals? Let the personal stuff work through the court system. Until then, the focus should be on the job he's doing and how he communicates and represents his district.
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And God Bless you too Senator Kirk! I am proud to have you representing me in the Senate. If I had my cover on and was out of doors, I'd also be proud to render you a salute. Go America! Go Navy! Go Mark, uh, I mean SENATOR Kirk! Keith Turner Waukegan
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2010 on A Message from Mark Kirk at Illinois Review
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Nov 29, 2010