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Keith Knuth
Infor Principal Software Architect
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@Doms: I am not sure I understand why the timeout action is not an option. If no approvers take action after a certain amount of time then the timeout path will be followed. Just place another user action in the flow connected to the timeout branch.
No, they do not have to be rewritten. There is a conversion program. You will want to read the "Infor Lawson System Foundation Using Infor Process Automation Configuration Guide" for more information.
@Rita: Not sure what you mean about reports. In Infor Smart Office you create reports and name them the same way you would in our Web UI. @Evelyn: Security roles and rules govern Infor Lawson Applications running in Infor Smart Office just like they do in our Web UI. So yes, you can create read-only rules for some programs and also allow a user to run reports.
Hi Jill, Thanks for commenting. We are aware of both the issues you mentioned. For the Mobile Requisitions issue of not displaying PO Line Items please reference Knowledge Base article 1406302 and defect JT-465288. We are working diligently on getting this fixed very soon. Possibly in an update this month. In regards to the SSL issue please reference Knowledge Base article 1500362 and defect JT-593863. For both items feel free to call Infor Support and open a case to be notified when the issues are resolved. Thanks, Keith
@Arthur, That would be a good topic for a whole separate blog post! The question is really not Infor Smart Office "or" Ming.le, but instead "and". They are not mutually exclusive. The personalization tool, custom mashups, and advanced communication tools of Infor Smart Office often make it a good fit for power users of Infor Lawson apps. However, their may be other users in your organization that only want a browser based app and really wouldn't benefit from the features of Infor Smart Office.
We aren't posting recordings of the session, however, watch for a blog post tomorrow containing a list of most of the questions and answers presented.
@Charlotte: Yes, 10.1.1 Landmark Runtime is compatible with Lawson apps and higher. There is a great document on Infor Xtreme called the "Compatibility Matrix" that details this and other requirements for all Infor Lawson products.
@Charlotte: Sorry, but these are live sessions only!
@Kelly: You have found our teaser for future enhancement! It is not fully implemented yet, but soon you will be able to control where the Process starts off from when the Workunit is restarted.
@Sehwon - The recommendations refer to physical hardware.
Jeremy - The Java node is the "Custom Activity Node". Custom activities are implemented as Java Beans.
Thanks Shannon, you are correct. The files are delivered with the LSFCT installer and that is the correct location for the EAR file.
Infor Smart Office is not required. You can view Smart Reports with just a browser.
Generally speaking, no, LSR reports are not affected by application upgrades.
Sorry, at this time there is not an Edit or Export to Excel function like there is in Infor Smart Office. The Add-Ins product is still available. Whether you use Infor Ming.le Foundation or Enterprise does not affect this.
Its working. Try right clicking on the link and choosing "Save Target As..." or similar.
Canvas shortcuts will indeed open up the same applications that a startpad can open. The difference is: - custom icons - ability to organize icons into groups - ability to save and share startpads - ability to set security on the startpads
You are right! The new icons shown in the screenshot, and the ability to add your own icons are new to release 10.1.0.
Yes, the Info Browserw widget can retrieve data from related tables.
Infor Lawson Smart Reports personalizes existing reports.
Thanks! It has been fixed.
You can find more information by visiting the Infor Download Center and searching for "Mobile Applications" or "Mobile Gateway". The Infor Lawson Mobile Gateway download page has a user/install guide that has info on requirements, features, etc.
Jim, Install the latest Info Center documentation for Infor Lawson System Foundation. Go to Server Administration > Server Setup and Maintenance Guide > Monitoring and Performance Tuning > Using the Lawson System Mobile Monitor. Or there will be a full demo video posted this coming Monday on this blog! Stay tuned for that. The Mobile Gateway product that enables server side connectivity along with a user guide can be downloaded from the Infor Download Center. Search for "Mobile Applications" in the Download Center.
Talk to your Infor Account Executive about licensing requirements. Then you can get it from the Infor Download Center.