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Mark, So glad you stopped by. I love having long distance visitors to the blog, but I can't say I'd be disappointed if you guys had to move back to Rhode Island and become short distance visitors! Hope you and the family are well!
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2011 on One Life: The Way of Love at New Life Assembly
Hi Pam, Thanks for taking the time to read the post. On the issue of being fully human, I think my wording may have gotten confusing. Wright's point is that we were created in the image of God, fully human, but that sin has marred and broken that image of God in us. The work of new creation that God does for us in Christ is about making us into who we were always meant to be - fully human stewards of God's creation who would act as he would act in the world. So I think we're saying the same thing, maybe just thinking about it with different words. The Spirit does indeed come to dwell in us at salvation, and that's the point Wright is making throughout. God's Spirit lives within us to do the work of shaping our character into one that is more reflective of God and his desires, and less reflective of our own desires. In fact, your quote from Andrew Womack sounded a lot like what I was reading in this book, just with different words. Wright talks about the way that developing character in God's image is like developing the ability to do things "by second nature" that we would not normally choose to do. We desire more of God's way and less of ours. Last - the in the world and not of the world distinction is really important. We can't ever lose sight of the reality that Jesus came to seek and save the ones who were separated from relationship with God, so we have to be in the world. I think a lot of that honestly has to do with relationships we have with people and the ability we have to show them a life of faith, and to speak to them about Christ when the opportunity arises. Everyone approaches that differently, but I think the key is that we understand that Jesus has rescued and redeemed our lives, and we invite others to experience the same thing, but if we're completely separated from them, we won't have the chance to do that.
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Mar 15, 2010