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Wow its been a long time since I've been on this site and I hear HemiV8 is still blaming me for his ignorance. Can't believe that guy is still here. He says he will have a new Power Wagon and a new hellcat. The only way this loser will ever have either one is it be paper or diecast. God how dumb he is!!
Just heard it again on the news, Ram rearends locking up, several people complaining and hitting things when they lock up. Feds are hard at work on this one. I guess they all have a recall everynow and then!
@prohit I was born in America and had Family die at Pearl Harbor so thats why the FFFFF###&&^% I buy American cars and trucks you stupid piece of GARBAGE.
These dodge guys make me sick. Really used to pull for them but not anymore. Hemi or whoever you are you need to shut up. real ram guys don't need you. You are an embarassment to them. I think you are the same one that post all this crap under different names. Grow up and get a life. We don't need you here.
Guts Glory TURD PLACE!
Guts Glory Third Place.
@moparmechanic, Glad you are one because they need plenty of them. Guts Glory 3rd place again. you will NOT take out chevy because that is just common sense. FORD is way,WAY out of touch for you so just sit back and shine FORDS shoes as you have always done. Keep on dreaming because thats all it is, a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guts Glory Third Place, oh wait a minute, what does this have to do with this article, nothing!!!!!
@Truckerman Whats this we crap?? Fords have always been built tough, just look at all the job sites and road construction crews, 9 times outta 10 the Ford is there as they have been in driveways and farms everywhere. Must be something that keeps them on top of everyone else. Built FORD tough is just one them, I know mine is 15 yrs old and still does anything I ask it too. No rust, interior looks new and she runs strong. I get compliments on it everyday and I plan to keep it for a long time yet. Everyone has they're favorites but mine is BUILT FORD TOUGH!!!!!!
@HemiV8 Oh yes I have owned a dodge! I will never own anotherone because it was a piece of junk. Glad I managed to unload that thing on someone else, there will never be another one here. As far as kissing your ass, you must remove your head first!!!
@HemiV8 Maybe you need to take off your dodge or whatever it is colored glasses and realize how much crap you talk. This is I can walk into a FORD dealership and buy a RAPTOR if I want to. You cannot walk into a dodge or what ever it is dealership and buy a ramrunner or what ever that bolt on thing is. FORD is #1. Dodge or whatever is #3. They can't even come close to a Chevy truck so that is really bad knowing you are in 3rd place and probably always will be. Talk your crap all you want because thats all it is. Its so wonderful being #1 and listening to people like you talk crap and make excuses for being #3. They give you a kit. FORD gives us the REAL DEAL. Suck it up boy and realize you are the 3rd loser. What a shame, but then again!
All these dodge lovers such as HemiV8 and this mechanic dude among others are more than enough to turn anyone against dodge or ram, whichever it is. I used to halfway pull for dodge but these guys have turned me against that brand. I understand loving your truck as I love mine but these guys are eat up with the dumba@#s. Get a life and realize you will always be 3rd best, it's that simple.
@ Greg If your neighbor had a cheby hd then everything would have been ok. He probably would never have asked you what could tow it better now would he? People like you just make me sick. Just STUPID comments like this make me hate gm even more. Do you get the picture or are you blind???? No wait a minute, just stupid all over again!!
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2012 on Is Your One-Ton Big Enough? at PickupTrucks: News
Ford ISN'T EVEN ON THE RADAR! Wow what a comment. Where have you been for the last 100 yrs or so, being STUPID under a rock?? Some people!!
Ford is #1. Always will be. Ram has a long way to go to even think about getting close and chevy is in the way by a long shot so wishful thinking on ram boys part. chevy is the first loser and ram is the 2nd loser, thats way down the line to me and that means they need a whole lot better truck than ram has now to even be in the same league as Ford. Ford wins and chevy and ram lose again!!
I heard this kit came from JC Whitney??
If this ram had been a factory truck I would have been excited about it but unlike the Raptor, this is all bolt on pcs in a kit so it is not in the same league as the factory Raptor. The Ram had an unfair advantage going in so really nothing to celebrate here at all. Maybe one day ram will grow some balls and build a factory truck without the public having to buy a stupid kit. But then again at least they offer a kit, chevy has no clue!
Yeah good try by Dodge or should I say ram. They need to do this as a factory truck and not as an add on. Raptor rules as it comes from the factory this way. That should tell you something. Where's government motors??
@Bob What do they win???? 2nd place agin?? You know thats the first LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@mechanic, boy do you ever need to get a life or a Doctors appointment because what you just did was just plain STUPID. Glad you are with the ram guys cause you make them look STUPID TOO. Wow some people just amaze me with their IGNORANCE. @miath, you have no clue either do you? Must be on the same stuff greg and tom are smoking, only you are getting the real good stuff. You are brainless.
@Ram guy,Ram,Ram dude or who ever you are, you better talk about taking over chebby before you even think about taking over FORD because you are light yrs away from taking over FORD. Consider yourselves lucky to even be able to read something on here about F150 because ram will always shine the shoes of a Ford truck. let it be written, let it be said.
For once i'm with johnny doe.
@johnny Troll. Takes one to know one.