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Hi Vinnine, My quick answers. 1. A lot. Salespeople no longer have a stranglehold on information and buyers are empowered as never before. My favorite book on this whole meme is Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross. A must read on how the buyer now drives the process, erasing historical lines between sales and marketing and requiring changes in sales approach. By the way, I think SFDC has done a great job of embracing social in this via the Radian6 acquisition and integration with Sales and Service Clouds. 2. Customer service expectations are, happily, increasing. Self-service is a big part of that whether it be through a vendor portal or self-service communities. Lithium has a particularly nice one imho. 3. You know the answer as much as I do: a lot of people still watch TV and particularly the super bowl where people actually watch the commercials and even look forward to them. I suspect DVRs are damaging normal ad rates. I think "bing watching" (where I watched all of Breaking Bad on NetFlix in about 3 weeks) is also changing how we consume entertainment because it creates a format of like 64 hours of content which you can really develop characters/stories and watch it not spaced over 5 years, but 5 weeks. 4. My impression is there are a bunch of startups attacking low-end CRM, including -- plug for an angel investment -- BreezeWorks which is targeting sole proprietors or -- another plug -- AppMesh which is also SMB oriented. 5. I wouldn't work at a digital agency; I'd recommend interning at a startup!
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Jeff, Great article. While entity resolution / semantic equivalency isn't glamorous, it is indeed fundamental. As they say, garbage in, garbage out. Also enjoyed piece on data finds data a while back. Cheers, Dave
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Jun 2, 2010