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Those are great squigglies, Brenda Sue!!! I love that chain necklace you made! Awesome!!!
Ahhhh, gotta love Joe! =) Loved seeing all your cups, especially the one from Cleveland! =) I was born and raised 26+ years in a suburb of Cleveland right by the airport. Loved it and miss it terribly! =) And you know... you are really making me want a cuppa Joe right now! LOL Perhaps tomorrow I shall fire the ole coffee maker up! =) I know where I will be on Saturday though! At Starbucks for my free cup of Birthday Joe!!! =) Depending on my mood it will either be a Venti White Chocolate Mocha or a Venti Mocha Frappuccino! =)
OMG!!! Wow, I don't know what to say!!! LOL Thank you SOOOoooo MUCH!!!! Look what happens... I leave to go to my Mother and Father In-Law's to continue helping them move, and all this excitement happens!!! Ack!!! I'm over the Moon!!! LOL The good feelings just aren't stopping! LOL That's a good thing! And yes, I totally agree about the plastic bins! We should all buy stock in plastic! LOL Speaking of plastic - got one of my new storage bins in today! =) It's smaller than I imagined, but, that's a good thing, I can use it to store the tiny things and use the bigger ones for the bigger beads and stuff! Oh my gosh... I am soooo going to need even more storage now with that Muse Box! LOL Have some great ideas for storage though thanks to this hop! Speaking of hop... I need to get hopping! I did a little bit last night when I got back from the International Gem & Jewelry Show, did a bit this morning before we left, and now that we are back, going to do a bit more, then probably finish up any remaining hopping that I don't get to tonight, tomorrow! =) I'm having way to much fun with this hop! Congrats to Dr. Brassy on winning the other Muse Box!!! And, ROFL, thanks for the coined moniker "The Voice" LOL Love it!!! =) Can't wait to see what we create with all the goodies! =)
You really are truly blessed to have the space you do! I would love that much space! But, I agree, what I have works. =) I like being able to create wherever I need to be! =) Love the art charms! My favorite is the one with the embellishment plaque at 11:30. And yes, I did watch the video where you did the tissue decopauge art charms - those are awesome, and I so want to do some of those!!! And I think your play day with the Polymer Clay came out great!!! And thanks for the little play you did with the clay and textures and pearls! Need to get me some of that pearl stuff! I wonder if they have like a sampler pack or if it's all singles... Anyhoo... It's giving me a lot of ideas!!! Heck, most of your video gave me some good ideas!!! It was great seeing your mess. It's nice to know that not everything has to be neat and orderly to have something awesome come out of it! I really enjoyed your video, as always!!! =) Thanks so much for this Messy Workshop Blog Hop! You were my first stop and I can't wait to go see more! =)
Love his creative funding!!! Way to go! =) And such a cutie!!!
Very pretty, Patricia!!!
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LOL Both spaces I work in are messy! I don't like complete neatness and orginization - I prefer what I coined "organized mess" - I know which direction I tossed it in! LOL When I organize things too much around the house, then I can't find them when I go to look for them! LOL Would love to join the hop, will PM you on FB! =)
Those are gorgeous, Keri! I love the natural colors of the first one and the work you did with the chain! I also love the photography you did with it laying on the stone! I love the beads in the second one and love love love that toggle clasp! And again, the photography is amazing! I so need to learn your skills so I can take better pictures like you do!!! =) You are amazing!
Oooh, very nice beads! I can definitely see the possibilities!!! Can't wait for the reveal! =)
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