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I'm right there with you and Chris. It seems like over the past year the flood gates have opened. I'm on the American Association for Justice Public Policy and Marketing Committee and we were talking about the "noise" that drowns out legitimate online interactions. Seth godin had a great article on the resilience and power of slow change that I swear I wrote in a dream where I was getting bombarded with social media requests. Just think of what its like for attorneys that don't partake in social media? It just seems like everyone is jumping in head first without any cohesive strategy on how to do this efficiently and, well...for a lack of a better term....sanely. We're going to increasingly have to have "non social media days" where we take a break from our computers, iphones, ipads, and other gadgets and just sit back and relax. I've found that when I am able to remove myself from the cacophony that I can truly work more efficiently. By the way, great blog :)
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Aug 22, 2010