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Kelly Booker
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You, miss thing, are officially my new favorite blogger- and by far my newest inspiration! You rock... Just everything is perfect and fairyland- ish!!! Your peat pot frozen charlottes are soooooo great!!! Saw them in a magazine and just ooed and ahhhed. Love your words, your cute names and your love of life. Thank you for sharing so much of you with us! Kelly
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the over the toilet cabinets placed at the level you have them is BRILLIANT. just wow. wonderful studio space.
i'm a female, first of all - i dunno why that's important but i felt it should be known. i love reading your site and i love hot guys. so here i am. i have had the SAME exact craziness in my life, too. when i went to new york for the first time, i ran into puff daddy on the street going to court and not two hours later, ran into bill clinton getting out of his limo/suv to give a speech at the law college downtown. i've ran into people from high school as waiters three states away. and at 5:30 am, ran into my lesbian neighbor and her girlfriend in memphis when we both lived in arkansas! [i was traveling with a companion and she was catching a connect flight to the UK. i've always just thought this was uncanny. one day i'm gonna stay at your b&b!!
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Apr 7, 2010