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I actually bought this but havent even installed it on the ipad because I am afraid to feed even further into my son's Skylander addiction......... Lets just say I have it for one of those days he is driving me coo coo for one of the Legendary characters that I will never waste my money on again ;-)
I have a son with Autism and a daughter with delayed sensory motor integragation. They both LOVE iwritewords. It helped Kaden a lot with how to form his letters and also with spelling some simple 3 letter words. Jilly loves it because of how entertaining it is and she is successful at it. I make sure to turn it on the child's voice for them. They both find it more enjoyable that way. They love it though and they both are in occupational therapy and this app has helped a lot with that.
I have only used it a couple times so far. IM guessing it makes things more fair but I don't like feeling like I have to sign up for things that I do not want to to be able to win something for my child. Thats the one draw back of it.
Thanks for the give away! Youngsville, louisiana
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Dec 6, 2011