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Patrick: First off, let me say that I agree with you 100% that there are great PMs without the PMP designation and some horrible PMs that have it. I think were we begin to separate is in using that designation on our resume or LinkedIn profile. Just as a Doctor lists MD and an Account will list CPA, it is a designation that I have studied, practiced, and been tested on my knowledge for a specific topic. Recruiters (as with most folks I run into) don't get what project management is or how to screen a potential applicant, so they ask for the PMP. If that is their criteria, right/wrong/indifferent, then why would I hold that back from my profile? I think the bigger issue is getting the PMI to enhance their audits of applicants in order to maintain the value of the designation. I don't feel my hard-work to follow the PMI criteria, continue my education and development as a PM, and successful delivery day-to-day should be watered down by the rest.
This is one of those posts I need to print out...while everything has been going great for a while, we do go through some bumps and this would be great to look over at those times. Thanks Pastor Steve!
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Simon: I liked the post. I agree with the folks that say they would be annoyed if a stranger told them to do something, but I get your point. From a project management standpoint, I think it is important to not just put a date out there and call people out when they miss it, but you have to get them to feel a part and empowered. My wife has been bugging me for 3 years about mowing the lawn and how it isn't that tiring compared to her house work. A few weeks back I suggested we change roles for the week. That night, she was so tired and bothered at her decision...she didn't even want to talk. As we pulled away from the house the next day, she made a little comment on how we need to water today. The next week she suggested that I do the edging and such while she mows. She now had a vested interest in the lawn. Good post!
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Simon, I really enjoyed this post. When I managed IT support folks I used to tell them all the time...listen to the end-user,they are upset and nervous all their data is gone. Then, respond to the issue with confidence (even if you are unsure) because you can always get someone to assist you. At that moment though, you need to makethe end-user feel good about you helping them. If not, they will complain even if we do help wasn't quick enough or the technician was rude. Your last statement sums it all up..."Take people on a memorable journey, and they won't notice the mistakes you make or the things you get wrong. Ignore the journey and all they will notice is the mistakes you make and the things you get wrong." Thx for sharing!
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Below is not meant to be sarcastic or 'elementary' as if to educate. I may be looking at this is too simple of a manner, but I am not seeing how PMBOK is not a methodology. It may not be a process, but does seem to fit into the definition and match many words in a thesaurus. Synonyms = approach, manner, style, Definition = –noun,plural-gies. 1. a set or system of methods, principles, and rules for regulating a given discipline, as in the arts or sciences. 2. Philosophy. a. the underlying principles and rules of organization of a philosophical system or inquiry procedure. b. the study of the principles underlying the organization of the various sciences and the conduct of scientific inquiry. 3. Education. a branch of pedagogics dealing with analysis and evaluation of subjects to be taught and of the methods of teaching them. PMBOK is a set of principles (knowledge areas and process groups) that organize and provide direction to a PM as they approach a new venture. I think there is a growing confusion over methodology and method. Waterfall or any specific set of steps to accomplish changing the oil in your car or developing software is a method. Whereas a body of knowledge, set of principles, group of studies/theories is a methodology. Yes/No?
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Steve This was a really good post, thanks for the insight. I really like the idea of having the Pilot ready in the back pocket and 'demonstrate' how this is possibly taking place already. Learning a lot! As a new blogger, I am also learning some tips as well.
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This was a great post. I have never thought about 'protecting' the left. Some folks have had tremendous opportunity and should help out. Also, remembering to listen to your own drum is so important. If you are well versed in the topic at hand and believe in your direction...push through. Thanks for the post Simon!
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May 4, 2010