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This article and comments discuss the US EV future, which could be derailed by a pro-fossil fuel/'no climate change' administration. Has anyone noticed the loss of the ABILITY to comment at some once popular websites like BusinessInsider since Election Day?
You wonders what a 'climate change is a hoax' President will do to EV sales.
Hopefully, Europe will continue cutting edge renewable energy R&D. With a leader having no experience in science, government, or the military - it is unlikely the US will.
Infinite mileage cars..??
"Meanwhile the old ___ keep lobbying for regulations that will enable them to keep producing ___ that are grossly unsafe to [use] killing (over)1.2 million people per year globally and also causes millions more to die prematurely every year from lifelong inhalation of dangerous ____" Henrik, for a while, the above sounded like my US medical mafia healthcare - all three Medical parts, Medigap part, dental insurance, six months and no insurance payments, ...
OR may have only gotten this funded by making the completely impractical vehicle look like a Humvee with anti-IED pants and the building look like an accordion M.A.S.H. tent - - but having both integrated with bidirectional renewable/solar energy as a approved and successful government project may lead to bigger and better faster.
If H2 fuel cell cars ever fall to near ICE prices - the fuel infrastructure problem remains. One might see early large fleet center economics, perhaps even every hundred mile US interstate long haul stations. But carting H2 gas to a 100,000 neighbor gas stations seems un-affordable - unless a tech breakthrough can ECONOMICALLY generate H2 locally.
I liked the CMAX, but not the MPG mess. This may be off point, but does anyone follow and have they posted any new articles the past ten days?
"Life cycle tests show >60% increases when dCNT are incorporated into the negative electrode and up to 500% when incorporated into both electrodes, with water loss per cycle reduced >20% (High-Rate Partial State of Charge, HRPSoC and SBA S010 idling start-stop testing)." This is massive if economic and true.
This process also USES CO2 that exists, so the climate impact could be twice as effective.
For the heck of it, someone should build a simple urban EV, like . At 20 miles range per pound of aluminum, a lead-acid starter size/weight A-A battery could get ~400 mile range before swap-out with ~80mpg 'fuel' cost. A refitted Citreon C1 4-place size car(Metro?), without expensive Li-ion battery, monitor/control electronics, .. could sell under $10K with ~1 moving part drive train maintenance. This could meet the needs of most students and seniors.
If they are imitating Tesla, are any/all patents/plans open sourced in good faith?
.. further details .. For cell phones or tablets, it could mean having to recharge every three days, instead of every day. The findings were just published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports. Now, the Ozkan team is trying to produce larger quantities of the nano-silicon beach sand and is planning to move from coin-size batteries to pouch-size batteries that are used in cell phones..
Unless and until: FCEVs are cheap, <$40K USD AND H2 can be cheaply generated 'at home' like solar power H2 will still be a ~$2 million/filling station, thousands to be built energy carrier that Big Oil will centrally control, just as with oil for over 100 years.
"All charge stations are available free of charge to GM employees and visitors." Great! Perhaps GM US should drop their thousand part recall prone ICE and go EV..
IF this could be CHEAP, it looks smaller/lighter than a ICE/generator/fuel/hot exhaust/.. genset for occasional/emergency EV range extension - even if it had to charge a few minutes for each further mile.
This sounds important. Can someone who has than my one general chemistry class confirm this Anellotech value?
GM sets US 6 million vehicle record .. If true, why not gut a light/experimental airplane, install electric motor/Air-Alum batteries, and be the first electric aircraft Lindbergh?
@JMartin - Aluminium–air batteries are primary cells; i.e., non-rechargeable.. wiki BUT weighs ~55 lb - which sounds like a CHEAP occasional use range extender.
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Mar 13, 2014