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hairshirthedonist asks: I thought everyone in Texas drank Lone Star. Isn't it mandatory? Most Texans will tell you that Lone Star is a somewhat acceptable beer for everyday bar b que. That's not to say you'd want to actually drink it with anything, but as a pre-sauce marinade for really cheap cuts, it's not hateful. It should go without saying that you'd never want to have it anywhere near anything you might be cooking competitively. Hope that clears it up for you. FYI We perfected the sport-hairshirt here in Texas. It has a unique mesh front panel that allows for all the angst, but without the rash commonly associated with our extreme views and humidity. Works great for the northern night-sweats as well.
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2009 on On Publius at Obsidian Wings
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"Specifically, it revealed that Obama and his advisors are ignorant of military theory." That's a bit of a leap, I disagree that Obama failed to make the points suggested, but even if he had, you could hardly know that the omissions were made out of ignorance. In fact, you'd be on firmer ground assuming the opposite (that he felt the argument wasn't persuasive or it prematurely ceded the framing to his opponent, etc.) But as I said, Obama has repeatedly made the point that, the moral choice is self- justifying, that it also carries with it the tactical advantage, is a bonus. Cheney may have won the news cycle, but the foundation of falsehoods he built his case on is already crumbling. Cheney will slowly twist and bleed out while Obama goes about his business in a house of bricks.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2009 on Moral Victories at Obsidian Wings
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