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The Nonprofiteer
20 years' experience in the nonprofit sector, a passion for its mission and no patience with its pretenses and pieties.
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What a thoughtful and helpful post! Without thinking about it, I'd been accepting as inevitable the competitive attitudes of international and domestic poverty-fighters. Thanks for pointing out the ways in which they might instead be complementary.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2009 on Poverty Unbound at PhilanTopic | PND | Candid
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Amen, sister! Perhaps we should give foundations a year to cough up more bucks or face legislative imposition of a higher minimum--but now is definitely the time to spend the money.
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Phil, As you may realize (being a superb satirist yourself), Professor Mansfield--a noted scholar of Machiavelli--is writing satire. Just as Machiavelli gave "advice" to the Prince that revealed what a terrible world results from unchecked power and pure selfishness, Professor Mansfield is giving the rest of us "advice" making clear that our choice is between the Bush Administration and many things we hold dear, including the rule of law in general and the Constitution in particular. Satire is risky, as you know from your own experience, because the more subtle and profound it is the more easily it can be taken for straight-faced advocacy. But based on the rest of his output, it's impossible to imagine that Professor Mansfield is actually advocating tyranny; it would be a shame if anyone imagined that of him, who is by all accounts a gentleman and a scholar.
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You may be interested in the argument of Mark Kleiman of the Reality-Based Community that Mansfield's argument is satirical and coded, like that of Machiavelli himself.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2007 on Democracy is Not the End All and Be All at Gift Hub
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Great minds . . . check out the reflections in Monday's Nonprofiteer posting about the need for nonprofit access to loaned capital.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2007 on Debt Finance for Nonprofits at Gift Hub
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This is a terrific reminder that amidst all the hoopla about new paradigms--for-profit charities, social entrepreneurship, and the rest--nothing can equal old-fashioned political advocacy if you're serious about making change.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2007 on Lobbying for Change at Gift Hub
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I rarely think anything is more important than fundraising; but unless every bit of his charity went to organizations serving women and people of color--that is, unless he was paying reparations--the evil Don Imus did in 10-plus years of calling other citizens "nigger" and "bitch" (and thereby keeping hatred respectable) must be considered to outstrip the good he did in raising money for charity.
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