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Instead of burp clothes, I use Gerber cloth diapers. A little cheaper, just as absorbent and I can use them as dust rags if they get too gross. Also, instead of bassinet or Pack and Play- which lay flat- my son sleeps in a Rock and Play because he has bad reflux and gets better sleep when at an angle. Plus at $50 it is a cheaper option.. plus it rocks like a bassinet would.
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I'm a little late to the party but was inspired by the wedding stories. I'll make mine short and sweet. Basically, one of the groomsmen decided it would be a great idea to drink his way from Seattle to Dallas. He missed 2 flights and was kicked off of another. After he finally made it, it was the night of the bachelor party. My husband didn't really want him to go and wanted him to sleep it off. Instead, he came over to my parents house (where everyone was meeting), broke a beer bottle, stumbled around, and hit on my mother. Then they went to a local bar to lay low and hang out with everyone. On his walk home with some other groomsmen, he dropped his phone and wallet, then tried to pick them up and fell flat on his face. He skinned his forehead and nose and bled everywhere. He never found his phone or wallet. After all of that, he backed out of the wedding 2 days later on the morning of. He was still in town, he just had a pocket full of shame. We left on our honeymoon not knowing how he got back to Seattle. He's fine now and has since apologized, but man, it makes for a great story. Congrats on your anniversary. :)
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Aug 22, 2011