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Thank you for writing this, Dr. Castor! I am learning to test the waters when it comes to Rob Bell because he is someone I enjoyed listening to and reading about when I was in high school... It has amazed me to see so many of my conservative, evangelical peers crucify Rob Bell because of various things that happens; and this one astonished me the most. I could not believe how Kevin DeYoung and Justin Taylor were so quick to jump on the "Crucify Rob Bell" bandwagon, and do the very thing you wrote about: reacting in a manor that reflects what they were accusing Rob Bell of- being hellish. I have come to learn that Rob Bell does have some skewed theological viewpoints, borderline if not heretical, but I like what Steve wrote: "I am pretty sure Rob Bell is a pretty nice guy trying to figure out how to follow Jesus like the rest of us." Thanks again for giving me something to think about, Dr. Castor- even when I'm not in your classroom! :)
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Mar 1, 2011