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What Thomas treats briefly in De Ente is treated at length by Avicenna in 5.1-2 of his Metaphysics of the Shi'fa. I think you're finding the claim unintelligible because you are, quite understandably, wanting to "place" the absolutely considered nature somewhere. If it isn't existing in the singular, or in the mind, then where is it!? Well, the simple answer is that it isn't anywhere, because it neither is nor is not; it's an object of consideration, and thus related to the concept whereby it is known, but precisely as an object of consideration it "abstrahit a quolibet esse." This is what it means to be an absolute consideration; we consider the thing apart not only from its categorical accidents, but also from its predicable accidents, including any existential predicates. The information content of a book is one in a transcendental sense (i.e., undivided); but neither one nor many in its quiddity, i.e., absolutely considered, with respect to number.
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Oct 28, 2012