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"The Question: By what code are companies operating these days? The law is not a high enough code. What is their moral standard? In what do they believe? Multi-millionaires who pay half or less than half of the percentage of tax as the rest of us justify their actions by saying they pay what the law requires. Though true, the fact is they found ways within the law to beat the purpose of the law - which, in the case of taxes, is that we all pay our fair share. Facebook is doing the same thing. They are legally able to make the changes they are proposing but seem to be ignoring the morality of their decisions. How did we find ourselves in a world in which that is ok? A world in which codes of behavior or the impact on others comes second to numbers on spreadsheets." I will agree that our tax system is not fair. However, it is not fair for the poor, or the rich. Why? Because they are progressive or graduated. Pick your poison. The percentage tax rate goes up the more you make. In order to get to fair, we need to have the same flat rate for everyone. And, we need to eliminate all corporate taxation. Why? Who ultimately pays corporate taxes? Consumers do. So think about it. We get upset because GE purportedly paid zero taxes. I applaud it, because it means that the range I bought, or the microwave, or the jet engine on the airplane I few on cost less, and therefore I paid less than I would have if GE were taxed. To be fair though, we need to extend those benefits to all companies, not just the companies that can afford to lobby Congress for these deals. Finally, profit isn't evil, it is the expected result of doing a good job serving customers. It is the reward for hard work. And it is the engine that drives the future.
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May 29, 2013